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The Hashtag (HRT) Retweet Bot Gemified

A very simple twitter bot that retweeted everything that was tagged by a certain tag was put together for Scotland on Rails ‘09. Then, Jaime Iniesta adapted it for Euruko ‘09. I then forked from his repository, made a few simplifications and minor improvements and DRY-d its configuration.

Maybe most importantly I then turned it into [a gem][hashtag_retweet_home] so that configuration files (including the bot’s which has the credentials for the twitter account) do not have to be included in the repository.

I also set up a twitter account for the budapest.rb group where an instance of the HRT bot will post any tweets that have been tagged with #budapestrb. So, my fellow budapest.rb programmers, if you have anything to say about the budapest.rb, just make sure you include the #budapestrb tag in your tweet and watch the HRT bot repeat it.

To launch your own hashtag retweet bot, just follow the instructions in the README.