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Pragmatic Thinking and Learning on Twitter

Some of you may be aware of my grandiose plans with my twitter mini-framework named twuckoo. For my part I am constantly thinking about -hopefully reasonable- ways that it could be used for the better of mankind :)

The other part of the story is my enthusiasm with Pragmatic Programmers books. I have recently started Pragmatic Thinking and Learning by Andy Hunt which is also a very good one and found the familiar “resuming card” at the end. This card sums up the wisdom of the book in short phrases just so that you can recall what you read quickly. It is a great idea and can be found in other PP books, too.

So I asked at a PP email address which seemed to be closest to copyright questions whether I have the right to do this. To my surprise, it was the author himself, Andy Hunt, who answered me and kindly gave me permission for the book in question. (Once again, thank you, Andy!)

So there you have it, a twitter account that will serve you an advice each day just so that you can “refactor your wetware” (the subtitle of the book) and hopefully help you be a better craftsman.

And now, my little twuckoo, on to world domination!