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Rock and Roll With Ember.js v1.13.9 Is Out

I have just released another update to the Rock and Roll with Ember.js book, keeping it in sync with Ember 1.13.9. On top of that (mostly on top of that, since there weren’t as many things to do for the Ember upgrade), I added some content, removed some other ones, fixed a few wrong paths in code comments, clarified a few code lines to help people build the app along, and the like. The usual stuff, quoi.

Here are the bigger chunks:

  • Extended the Testing chapter with a (controller) unit test. I removed the component’s unit test in an earlier update (integration tests are vastly superior for components) but now realized unit testing was missing.
  • Switched to a dashless helper, capitalize instead of capitalize-words. Ember 1.13.0 and up auto-register helpers with and without dashes, so there is no need for the more verbose form.
  • Fixed a few places where the updateRating action was still in the route. When I switched to a closure action, I had to move the action handler to the controller but missed a couple of places in the subsequent chapters.
  • The epub version had two missing code snippets due to bad formatting (thanks to @morganick)

There are a few other minor fixes, the whole list can be found in the Github issues repo

I want to thank Andrew Davison who did most of the error reporting for this update. Thank you, Andrew!

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