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Rock and Roll With Ember.js v1.13 Is Out

Today marks the sixth release of my book, Rock and Roll with Ember.js, and brings it in sync with Ember 1.13. The book follows along the development from scratch of an Ember application, and chapter by chapter and explains concepts in the process.

As I have promised, the book is kept up-to-date with the latest stable Ember version. That implies both using idiomatic Ember and not using deprecated syntaxes or APIs.

Now that the versioning of Ember Data is in lockstep with that of Ember, I considered it important to update to the latest Ember Data, too, and will strive to do so in future releases, too.

Here are the major things I updated for the 1.13 release:

  • Use this.route instead of this.resource in the router map as the latter is now deprecated.
  • Use Ember.computed and Ember.on instead of the Function prototype extensions, property and on as extending the Function prototype is consired a poor practice.
  • Update the “Getting ready for Ember 2.0” chapter as most things are clear now for the 2.0 release. As I give particular examples for each deprecation, this chapter can also serve as an update guide for 1.x Ember applications.
  • Use the new Ember Data find methods, namely store.findAll and store.findRecord. Before, both fetching a collection and a single record used store.find.

As usual, there are also smaller improvements and fixes and you can find the whole list in the errata/issues repository for the book, assigned to the release milestone.