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Finding Missing I18n Translations With Missing_t

A recurring problem in an internationalized Rails project is to see which translations are missing. You could go through all the pages looking for “translation missing: en, user, new” texts. That, however is very tedious and error prone. There may be some texts you don’t even see that are missing translation. (like a title of an image).

A better solution is to write a program that finds these. So that’s what I did. I gave it a very imaginative name: missing_t. It’s darn simple. You first have to install the gem:

gem install balinterdi-missing_t  

and then from the root of your Rails app you type:


You will see all the I18n strings that do not have translations along with the file they were found in. If you want to restrict your search for a specific language, you provide its language code as the first parameter, like so:

missing_t fr

For a bit more detailed description, see the README.

Go ahead, give it a try, your app has the right to speak all those beautiful languages out there!