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Simple To-do List in Sinatra

After Bence Golda’s presentation at the last budapest.rb meetup I decided to build something easy in Sinatra since it seemed so cool and easy to do. And I have to tell you, it really is both.

With zero prior experience with Sinatra and only a bit of fresh HAML knowledge, my todolist was ready in a few hours. What can you do with it? Add todos to your list and delete them when you are done. What features does it have? Unobtrusive javascript :) What does it lack? Obtrusive javascript :) User-related funcionalities, the possibility of having more lists, seeing done todos, etc. Lots of things. But with the ease of development Sinatra provides I am sure that for a simple application like this these could be added quite quickly. And then tadalist.com would be running for its money :) (I know, it’s free).

ps. I use an ORM, datamapper to not to have to deal with SQL directly, so you’ll have to “gem install dm-core” beyond the sinatra gems if you want to run the app.