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Now That's What I Call Web2.0: Ubiquity

I’ve stumbled upon a great Firefox plugin, Ubiquity. It basically accesses several web services (GoogleMaps, Gmail, Flickr, etc.) via its own panel and with its own commands so that common online tasks (e.g looking up something on Wikipedia you have just found on a page) become amazingly simple. I was really stunned by how much this plugin is capable of doing after watching the briefing video and going through the tutorial. And that does not stop there: power users can add their own commands to extend the already vast capabilities of the plugin. It’s been a long time I’ve been so excited about a “web 2.0” tool.

Here is the blog post about Ubiquity on Aza Raskin’s blog who is the main developer of the plugin.

Note: If you use a Mac, you’ll need Growl for Ubiquity to display its command panel.